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Reminder: Chromebook Turn In

Posted Date: 5/21/24 (3:02 PM)

Teachers, Parents, and Students:
Please ensure Chromebooks Grades 7-12 are be turned in today if a student DOES NOT NEED IT for a final.  If they are exempt from finals, students must turn in the Chromebook today to Mr. Martin.  Turn in Chromebooks right after you used it on the final.  NO Chromebooks go home for the summer.
Seniors MUST TURN in Chromebooks Thursday of this week!  Mr. Sell will discuss options AFTER Seniors turn them in.

Hibernate Mode:

Charge your Chromebooks so that the battery is at least 80% full.
This ensures that even when the battery discharges while unplugged
over the summer, it won’t fully run out of power.
To slow the discharge rate during storage, take the following steps:

Connect the device to a charger and turn it on.
Hold Refresh (swirl key) and Power  at the same time.
While holding these keys, remove the power cable from device and then
release the keys.
The device should shut down and remain off.

Confirm the battery disconnect worked by pressing the power button.
The device should not power on, despite having a battery charge. The
Chromebook won’t power on by touching the power button or opening the
lid, until you plug the device back to a charger with a power source.