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Financial Aid

The counseling office encourages all seniors to come by my office to look for financial aid and scholarship postings. College scholarships should be completed as soon as possible in the fall, and the college website will have the deadline. These MUST be done early!!!

Business endowed scholarships will start in the Fall also. Examples would be Walmart, Target, BestBuy, etc. I receive these in the mail, and I will announce these as I get them. Local and area scholarship postings can be found in my office, and will be announced on the school speaker. These do not usually begin until February of your senior year. 

Students may visit the office at any time during the day, as long as their teacher has approved it. Appointments can be made through the counselor's office to meet with me about doing the FAFSA ( Financial Aid application) as early as the Fall. This is best done as soon as income tax forms are done. Please call my extension (239) at (940) 798-3718 to set up this appointment. 


Please notify the counselor's office if you are a recipient of an “outside” scholarship so that we can include that recognition during Scholarship announcements in May. Below are list of helpful web sites regarding financial aid and scholarship information:


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