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5th Grade Weekly Information

English Language Arts:

Monday 9/21
*Virtual Reading Log(GoogleClassroom)Mon-Thurs. The completed reading log needs to be submitted in GoogleClassroom by 4:00 Friday 9/25.

Target Reading-annotate story (The Guard Goose, this was sent home in the first packet but I have also uploaded a copy to Classwork Material) and answer Monday question.(Lesson Video)

Listen to "A Walk with Teddy" (Wonders assignment-use the login I sent you last week)
Complete page 24 "Expert Model" together (in the Wonders workbook/lesson video)
    I sent a page of transition words in the Monday packet to help with this page (they are also 
    uploaded under Classwork-Materials)
Complete page 25 "Plan:Choose Your Topic" (in the Wonders workbook/lesson video) This 
     page will help us plan for the narrative nonfiction that we will be writing.  

*Readworks article and Book of Knowledge assignment(GoogleClassroom) due Wednesday 9/23.

Tuesday 9/22
"Target Reading-Tuesday question(Lesson video)

Complete page 26 "Plan:Sequence" together (in Wonders workbook/lesson video)
*Use the Sequence of Events Map graphic organizer to plan your own Personal Narrative(in the Monday packet/uploaded to GoogleClassroom materials)  A picture of the completed plan needs to be uploaded by 4:00 Wednesday 9/23.

Wednesday 9/23
Target Reading-Wednesday question(Lesson video) 

Complete page 27 "Draft" together (in Wonders workbook/lesson video)
   Use an event from yesterday's graphic organizer to write the paragraph on p. 27.
Begin the rough draft of your personal narrative.

Thursday 9/24
*Target Reading-Thursday & Friday questions(Lesson video) A picture of the answer page needs to be uploaded to GoogleClassroom by 4:00 Friday, 9/25.

Complete page 28 "Revise" together (Wonders workbook/lesson video)
   Revise your conclusion or continue writing the rough draft.

Friday 9/25-No School

*Anything with an * beside it needs to be submitted through GoogleClassroom or a picture of it needs to be uploaded to GoogleClassroom by 4:00 the day after it is assigned.