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Classwork for Students

Classwork for May 11-15, 2020, B. Martin

Put this puzzle together:

Answer the questions aboout it:

1.What is advertised in this poster in 1975? Title?
2.What is the hero character's name?
3.Who is the main actor-- you may have to research?

Watch the trailer:

Return your answers in a Google Doc to Google Classroom!
Have a great summer!

Classwork for May 4-8, 2020, B. Martin

The Making of a Movie Poster

To continue with Marketing, one of the most important concepts is the making of a Movie Poster.

Watch the video and be prepared to discuss during the Zoom meeting and answer questions 1-5 on Google Docs and google Classroom.


How to Make a Movie Poster - Design Theory

 (Number Google Docs 1-5 to answer in Google Classroom and answer questions about the Star Wars poster in the Video)

  1. What (good guy) actor is paid the most in the poster and what layout position is his name listed?  Hint: next to “Starring”
  2. Who is the Director and what layout position is she/he on the poster?
  3. Whose picture is bigger and why on the poster (not the villain)?
  4. Write down the log line or tag line of the poster word for word.
  5. A part of the title is larger, Why?

Document Download

Classwork for April 27- May1 B. Martin
Marketing your film
We have previously studied Genres and the influence they have on the film industry process. We studied the influence to marketing that the big Movie Franchises make. Now let’s look at different Marketing techniques for the Film or TV show. It is a very involved process as you will see from the examples on the website below.
Read all of the marketing techniques from the website and or watch
(Number Google Docs 1-5 to answer in Google Classroom) Pick 5 of the marketing techniques used and explain what happens in the technique. Use your own words as much as possible, even if using the same example they used. You may use your own example if you choose, but write the example that goes with the # below:

#1 Do Something Remarkable – The Publicity Stunt

#2 Pre-Roll Video Advertising

#3 Be Smart With Press Junkets

#4 Let your viewers experience the story

#5 IMDB Listings & Advertising

#6 Involve your audience in the making of the film

#7 Go to Town With Your Video Marketing

#8 Create a visually compelling & functional sub-site

#9 Make your Facebook Page Interactive

#10 Using Niche Social Networks – Vine, Instagram, Pinterest

#11 Auction props used in the film or TV show

#12 Use social competitions & quizzes

#13 Using Celebrity & Brand Partnerships

#14 Persona Marketing

#15 Using Memes & Other Forms of UGC

#16 Using Google Adwords

#17 Facebook Advertising

Example of what to do:

# 17 Facebook Advertising-  I would use a “News Feed Only” page promoted on posts for clicks or conversions setting.


Printable Document

Classwork for April 20-24

Star Wars versions-since technology changed, so did the original movie.  So did our TV Screens, ...think about it as you complete this weeks lesson.

How many of you have watched Star Wars? Did you? Or was it Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope?
When I saw it in 1977, it was just Star Wars for a title. I want you to think how things have changed historically in the film industry.  Computers are now used to make film.  In 1977, when Star Wars was first made, there were not really graphic computers to speak of.  Define the acronym CGI as it is used in the film industry.  Watch this video:
Number a Google Doc from 1-6 and answer these questions based on the YouTube video, then send back to me in Google Classroom.
1. What is CGI in Film?
2. Name one CGI change from the 1977 version to the 2011
3. Name another CGI change from the 1977 version to the 2011.
4. Name another CGI change from the 1977 version to the 2011.
5. Did you see the same version of Star Wars that I did in 1977?  Why were enhancements made to the original version?
6. Why is the use for computer enhancements necessary today?

Classwork for April 14-17

Watch the video about Film Franchises:

Look at the year you were born and see which Franchises were the top three.  Be prepared to discuss Tuesday during Zoom.

Complete the Crossword (pdf) Crossword (png picture)Questions 1-9 and then #10 and view Webpages

This Crossword is a PDF or PNG with words starting with "A" Answers are found at this link: Answer them by typing a Google Doc numbering 1-9 Writing the word only and return in Google Classroom.  Then Study this next page and on the same Doc for #10, Write down the definition of Film Franchise and write down your two favorite Franchises in the movie industry.

Classwork for April 6-9

Watch these videos and answer the questions. You may also use Google Classroom as we did before.

Please contact me if you are having problems accessing these links and/or Google Classroom.

Genre Video 5 Optional

Genre Video 6  Optional

Genre Video 7 Use/Create Google Slides Project to emphasize the importance of Genres in Film Making.  Be sure to show Production, Ditribution, and Audience Genre Influences.

Document for April 6-10 (same as above with optional materials for extra credit.

Complete Google Classroom assignments and Quizes that are in your Google Classroom Stream.

Project in Document above Due by Monday April 13.

Zoom Meeting Schedule Tuesdays:(Use the link provided on Zoom Meeting handout.)

10:30 am - Principal’s of AV Tech

2:30 pm - Animation 1

4:00 pm - Audio/Visual Production

Last Week

Genre Video 1(click the link)  

Genre Video 2 (click the link)

Genre Video 3 (click the link)

Genre Video 4 (click the link)

Document sent home to answer questions