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6th Grade Weekly Information

English Language Arts


Make sure your name is on each paper to be turned in!


Monday 4/6:


Reading:  Online reading:

                                            Username: look on week 4/20 Monday for your username

                                            Password: Pirates6

           Video to explain navigating the site:

Vocabulary work: Paper-same procedure as the past two weeks.

                               Online-watch the preview and complete online vocabulary. Make sure you save your work before you exit                                            or logout. 



Reading Log: I am asking them to read the normal amount of pages for this week and next. They should know their individual page count. Make sure they complete the back of the log by Friday 4/17.  All questions and connections should be written with complete sentences-capitalization and proper punctuation. The vocabulary part may be difficult if you do not have access to a dictionary, just help them come up with a definition using context clues from the book. 


Target Reading: Today they just read the story and annotate it as they go. Here is what is expected.    

Annotate: Label whether the story is fiction or non-fiction

                Make a title prediction

                Come up with one question that you have while reading

                Come up with one connection-either from their life, another book, movie, etc.

                Highlight/underline a vocabulary word they do not know and look it up, or use the                           

                  context clues to define it.

                  Draw a mental image that they get while reading the story

                  Write a 3-5 sentence summary of the story-Remind them Beginning, Middle, End


Tuesday 4/7:


Reading: Review vocabulary and the Introduction before listening to the excerpt from The Lightening Thief . 

     Paper-have someone read the story to you pages 12-15

     Online-listen to the story 


Reading Log:  Add another entry to reading log


English Skill: Action Verbs and Direct Objects p. 75.  Students will cut the top part of the worksheet off and add it to their journal in anchor charts, then complete Exercise 1 at the bottom of the page.

Instructional video for this lesson:  


Target Reading: Answer Monday’s questions on side 1 and side 2.  In the sentence on the bottom of side 2, they are looking for spelling (1) mistakes today.


Wednesday 4/8:


ZOOM class meeting at 11:00.  An invitation will be sent via enotes.  You must download the ZOOM app to attend the meeting.  This will give us a chance to see each other, check in,  and ask questions. All three teachers will be there. We can’t wait to see your faces, so please make every effort to attend.  


Reading Log: Add another entry to the reading log


Target Reading: Answer Tuesday’s questions on both sides.  In the sentence, they are looking for any grammar (2) mistakes.


Thursday 4/9:


Reading: Have student partner read the story with you, a sibling, etc.

                 Paper-answer questions on page 16

                 Online-complete the quiz  


Reading Log: Add another entry to the reading log


 Target Reading: Answer Wednesday’s questions.  In the sentence, they are looking for any capitalization (1) mistakes. 


Friday 4/10:  Good Friday Holiday-Happy Easter


Monday 4/13:  Bad Weather Day-Hopefully it’s a pretty day for you to be outside enjoying the sunshine.


Tuesday 4/14:


Reading: Watch the posted lesson video over plot.

                Paper: Read page 17 and complete page18. 

                Online:  Complete the Skill: Plot assignment online.  There are only 2 questions, so take your time.


Reading Log: Add another entry to the reading log.


Target Reading: Answer Thursday’s questions.  In the sentence, they are looking for any punctuation (3) errors.


Wednesday 4/15:


ZOOM class meeting at 11:00.  An invitation will be sent via enotes.


Reading Log: Add another entry to the reading log


Thursday 4/16:


Reading: Have student read the story independently 

                Paper: Answer the questions on p. 19.  This will need to be done on a piece of notebook paper since they don’t leave us much room to write.  Remind them to write with complete sentences. 

                Online: Answer the Think Questions online with complete sentences.


Reading Log: Add another entry to the reading log.


Friday 4/17:


Reading: Identifying plot structure in song lyrics.  Students choose one of the two songs included to color code plot structure.  I have posted a lesson video on my web page. 

Reading Log: Add another entry to the reading log and total the pages read.  Make sure the back is completed.



Social Studies:


Monday 4/6: USA Test

                              Paper: Use your newspaper(I returned them with today’s packet) to complete the test.  

                              Online: Log into Studies Weekly and use your newspaper to complete the 

                                test online.  Video to help you navigate to the test:



Tuesday 4/7: Mexico-Make sure that your name is on the front and back of your Mexico newspaper!

 Use the Mexico newspaper to find the following vocabulary words:



            Tierra caliente

            Tierra templada

            Tierra fria





Write the word and meaning on notebook paper.


You may log into and listen to the newspaper being read to you, answer the questions, and play the games.


Wednesday 4/8: Read: “Vacation Anyone?” and “Hoy No Circula-Don’t Drive Today”


Thursday 4/9: Read: “Getting to Know Mexico” 


Friday 4/10: Good Friday

Monday 4/13: Bad Weather Day


Tuesday 4/14: Read “Diego Rivera” and “What is the Most Important Food in the Mexican Diet”

Wednesday 4/15: Read: “Legend of the Poinsettia”, “Ancient Ruins of Teotihuacan”, and

                                “Mexico Tourism”


Thursday 4/16: Complete map activity and Crossword on the back of the newspaper-this can’t be done online. 

Friday 4/17: Watch Geography Now video: