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Lessons for PE

Pre K – 2nd grade

The physical education activities I am listing below are exercises we have already learned in class.  There will be a brief description on some of them.

Daily exercise: perform each for 45 sec to 1 minute

  • skip
  • gallop
  • bear crawl
  • crab crawl
  • slide to the right, reverse and slide to the left ( don’ t cross you feet)
  • carioca – to the right , reverse and go to the left .  Cross stepping movement the is done laterally.  Step to the side with the left foot,  cross the right foot behind the left foot, step to the side with the left foot, cross the right foot in front of the left.  I usually say,” step, behind, step, infront.
  • jumping jacks –  with pre-k I usully tell them “out, in” so that they don’t forget to take hands and feet out and the same time and then in at the same time. 
  •  inch worm – (kinder – 2nd)  stand up and place hands on the ground in front of your feet,  keeping feet still walk hands out till they are in the push up position.  Keep hands still and walk feet up to hands.
  •  sit ups (1st and 2nd grades)    10 a day,  hands across chest,  knees bent, feet flat on the floor.
  • push ups ( 1st and 2nd grades)  5 a day,  keep back flat, bend elbows, try to touch nose to the ground. 
  • ride bike (pre-k)  Lay on back , knees bent feet in the air.  Mimic the motion of riding a bike.  Ride casually down the street, then up a hill with slow leg movements, go down the hill moving legs quickly.  Whew we made it to the bottom so we casually ride.  OH NO here comes a dog chasing us, go fast, woohoo we got away.  Casually ride till we see the Easter Bunny cross the road HIT THE BRAKES!!!


The goal is to increase the heart rate for an extended amount of time.  With the weather getting warm activities can be done outside.  Bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, running around the yard,  playing basketball, chasing the dog,  playing tag,  jumping rope, are just a few examples.

If you are not able to get out side there are some great Youtube videos. Cosmic kid yoga is a free one that I like to use.  There are different themes and different intensity levels.  Dancing is a great activity to increase heart rate.  Have a dance off , video it and share it on social media.  


3rd – 5th grade

You need to continue to prepare for the physical fitness test. 

  • sit ups - . Arms across chest, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Start with 20 a day add more when you fell comfortable to do so.
  • push- ups – Start with 8 and add more when you feel comfortabe to do so.
  • conditioning –  The main goal is to get the heart rate up for an extended amount of time.  Examples:  running , jumping rope, jumping on the trampoline,  basketball, bike riding , dancing.