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Week of April 27-May 1

Here is the list of assignments for: Week of April 27-May 1

  1. Texas Wonders unit 8 page 30-31. (tear out and turn in)

  2. Texas Wonders unit 8 page 38-45 (keep in book, just read story)

  3. Mixed Addition and Subtraction Facts Worksheet

  4.  Video on what to turn in:

  5. All other work listed on the original lesson plan are elective assignments for exra practice. I will grade it if your child wants to complete them and turn them in.


Your child can also write in their wrting journals. We usually write a sentence and then draw a picture to go with our sentence. If you do this please remind them that sentences start with a capital letter, have spaces between words, and end with a punctuation maark. Please let them try to sound out the words themselves.

Extra Videos your child can wach: