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Lessons and videos for April 6-10

I’m going to lighten the load this week. We will focus only on reading comprehension and social studies this week.  I will post a video to go with the assignments for each day. At the end of the week, just tear out the pages we have worked on and turn those in next MONDAY. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON ALL PAGES!

Monday, April 6

Reading: In your reading STAAR Master, read “A Leading Lady” beginning on page 23 and then answer the 11 questions that follow.

Social Studies: Read Chapter 7, Lesson 3. I will try to post the quiz questions on here, and then you can just answer them on a sheet of paper. The following is the link to the quiz. There are 5 questions.

Tuesday, April 7

Reading:  In your STAAR Master, read ‘Nature’s Musicians” and “Coyote Tidbits” on pages 30-31 and answer the 7 questions that follow.

Social Studies: If you didn’t finish Chapter 7, Lesson 3, please finish that today.

Wednesday, April 8

Reading:  Read “A Vacation for One” in the STAAR Master on page 35 and answer the 9 following questions. I had to do two videos to fit everything in!

Social Studies:  Read Chapter 8, Lesson 1 on pages 276-283. Again, I will post the lesson quiz questions and you can answer them on the same paper you used for Ch. 7, Lesson 3. Please make sure you label them so that I know which answers go with which quiz. Following is the link to the quiz.

Thursday, April 9

Reading:  Read “A Merry Match” on pages 39--41 and answer the 10 questions that follow.

Social Studies:  Finish up Ch. 8, Lesson 1 if you didn’t finish yesterday.

Friday, April 10

Good Friday!!  HAPPY EASTER!!!